Destination: To Gjevlekollen from Rustanveien parking place.
Distance: 4,2 Km
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

Yesterday we found ourselves at Gjevlekollen, a very beautiful hiking destination near Sylling in Norway. I’m sure you can tell by the images how magical this place is. I absolutely fell in love with it, and the chances of me returning is high. Though I will recommend this hike during summer or early fall, when the trails are free of snow. The snow actually ruined this hike a bit for me, because it was so slippery and sloppy. Both my boyfriend and I fell through the snow many times, both back ond forth. In other words very tiering.

If you are interested in sleeping over in this beautiful hut, there are accommodation options. On the walls it’s fastened two hooks, that you can attach your hammock to. It’s also a bench with a small mattress there, where you can roll out your sleeping bag. Outside the hut is a fireplace with nice seating around. So there’s plenty of space to enjoy your excursion.


The World’s End, Tjøme

If you are considering traveling to Norway, I would really recommend visiting Verdens Ende (The World’s End) in Tjøme. Today was my very first time being there, and I absolutely loved it! It’s perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Southern Norway. There’s also a freaking amazing restaurant there, that focuses on sea food. The price’s might be on the more expensive side, but I promise you it’s worth it. And the view – out of this world!



Destination: Balbergtoppen in Lillehammer, Norway
Distance: 8,2 km 
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium

Yesterday I brought my two youngest siblings, along with my boyfriend and my other sister Øyvår, all the way up to Balbergkampen in Lillehammer, Norway. It was actually my sister Øyvår who suggested this hike. A distance of approximately 12km. This is if you choose to take the longer path both up and down the mountain, like we did. I actually wasn’t aware that there was a shorter route also. Guess that’s on me for doing bad research. But if you choose to take the same path we did up to Balbergkampen (the longer one that is), and then the shorter path down again, this hike is estimated to be about 8.2km, instead of 12km. However if you’re up for a challenge, I guess you could take the longer path both ways.

On top of the mountain, there is also a swing nearby the viewpoint. Both children and adults seem to enjoy the view from this swing. It actually makes a great motive for photography!


Sunday’s trip to ROS-hytta

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went skiing for the first time in what feels like forever. I think it has been approximately ten years since the last time I went skiing, cross-country skiing that is. Because downhill skiing I do every now and then, at least once a year. Though I haven’t had the chance this last year.

Our destination was ROS-hytta, a nice litte cabin, or café if you like, run by the sports team of Røyken and Spikkestad, in Norway. It must be said that I haven’t been inside the cabin yet, but the outside area is quite nice. They always manage to cut enough firewood, so that hikers have the opportunity to make themselves a fire and keep warm, like we did. I’ve been here once during autumn as well, but I have to admit that it’s more beautiful during winter.


Last year’s hunt


I absolutely forgot to tell you about when my boyfriend and I went hunting, together with his sister and nephew. It was so much fun! Here we are somewhere near Rokosjøen, a short drive from Hamar, Norway. Sadly we din’t mange to get anything, but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. What matters is having fun and making lots of memories.

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Applying for college

Applying for college is something I’ve thought about since I finished high school back in 2016, though I’ve never had the courage to apply before now. Much had to do with my anxiety, that I fortunately struggle less with today. Also the constant fear of not being good enough to enter the program, that I so badly want to study. But I guess that fear is something everyone faces when applying for college, so why should I continue to postpone it? Right?

To all curious readers of mine, the programs I’ve applied for is:

  1. Journalism at Oslo Metropolitan University (Bachelor)
  2. Media and communication at Oslo Metropolitan University (Bachelor)
  3. Photo journalism at Oslo Metropolitan University (Bachelor)

Now begins the excruciation time of just waiting, because I will of course not get the answers to my applications before the 20th of July. Another reason I’ve been dreading this. But I had to go through the same application prosess when applying for high school too, so I guess I will manage it this time as well. I hope.


Blue berry Sunday

After a long and emotionally exhausting week, I decided to spend my Sunday outside picking blue berries together with my boyfriend. I think we actually managed to pick about four Liters or so. So you can only imagine the work it took to clean it all once we got home.

Now however, I don’t know what we’re going to use it all for. Perhaps I’ll make a blue berry pie, but then I would have to buy a ovenproof pie dish first, and I don’t even know if I have enough room in my drawers for one. Yes, that is how little space I have left in my kitchen. It’s actually very sad, because there are so many kitchen tools I want to buy.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing day and we had so much fun. And the most wonderful thing; sitting down and relaxing at this beautiful viewpoint. I’m so lucky to have such a lovely place like this nearby home. I absolutely recommend you all to come here if you ever were to find yourself in Spikkestad, Norway. Especially during August or early September, when the blue berries are ripe.


Down to Earth

During summer I came across a new web documentary on Nettflix; Down to Earth, staring Zac Efron and Darin Olien – a Minnesota-born wellness entrepreneur. The documentary revolves around Efron and his travels around the world, and focuses on themes of travel, green energy and sustainable living practices. Usually I don’t binge watch these kind of documentaries because they tend to be tedious, but this one was actually really fun and exciting to watch. In many ways an eyeopener. I really do recommend everyone to add it to their watching list.

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